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Jacqueline Porter - Executive Artistic Director,
The Dallas Conservatory

Mavis presented workshops for a wide cross section of The Dallas Conservatory's 

pre-professional students and everyone at each level loved her! 


Mavis possesses the "X Factor" of a great teacher of young people: she's hip, experienced, charismatic, and caring enough to carefully break down what she is asking of her students. We look forward to having her back soon!

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Carly Helms -  The Stella Adler Studio, NY & current LAMDA Masters student in Classical Acting

I love working with Mavis because she pushes me to dig deeper and analyze my characters on every level. When working together, we have conversations about the world around the piece, why the character is driven to this point, and what circumstances have made them who they are. She pushes me to take risks in order to feel connected physically, emotionally and vocally. We also take time to go over acting techniques together and apply them to my monologues. 

She not only encourages me to take risks in the work, but also in the pursuit of acting as a career. She has supported and inspired me for a long time now, and is the reason I mustered up the courage to study in New York. 

If you are struggling to understand a piece or character, Mavis will find ways to break down the situation, compare it to life, and trace why the character has landed where they are. You will have broken through all those walls after a session! 

Eileen Ward - AEA, SAG/AFTRA,  

Teaching/Coaching is a talent and a gift and not everyone who acts can do this. Mavis Scully has it in spades. Because Mavis is an actor, she understands them and knows their needs and their language. Through her life experience, incredible knowledge and wit, curiosity in all things, creativity and most especially her faith, she guides you in your work, and you just “GET IT”. You will talk, explore, laugh, rehearse, rehearse again and leave your coaching with direction and confidence.

Hannah Hess - currently pursuing a BFA in Music Performance at Boston University

During my time with Mavis, I not only grew as a performer and actress but also as a person. When working with her, you receive a teacher, but also a lifelong friend. Mavis puts great value into drawing upon life experiences within the work- it is important to be able to relate to what a character is saying! She also focuses on physicality in a way that grounds a character, and through this, the actor themself. By connecting physicality and life experiences, students learn how to become the character and take out the “acting” that they’ve been personifying before walking into the room. Along with this, students will gain the tools needed to survive in a competitive environment and receive the answers they need to questions about the business within show biz. Mavis guided most of my college audition process and helped me navigate the many questions and concerns I had regarding my performances. She answered questions I had regarding agents, taxes, and more. Mavis is a strong mentor, teacher, friend and woman. A true role model for any growing actor!

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Esme Hill - Working Actress

Mavis, I'm pretty sure, is the sun in human form. She is such a talented actor and teacher. Her energy is everything I strive to be: Open, joyful, gracious, unapologetic, and full of knowledge. She made a huge impact in my life. 

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Flora Jane S. -  Conservatory Acting student in CTC’s School of Theatre Training

Mavis’ coaching has helped me grow so much in this craft. She has helped me develop into a more mature actress through teaching me how to really do the work. My instructors love how much of a physical actress I am and tell me that I have an amazing ability to take on and go fully in any type of character. Mavis opened that door for me. I’m really thankful for someone who knows this industry and shares that knowledge. She pours so much into me and because of that I love acting. She is a really talented teacher who also has a really kind heart. I can’t be thankful enough for what she has taught me.

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Loretta M.- Parent

Mavis is an excellent teacher! She provides a great mix of listening, speaking and practical learning in a very safe, supportive learning environment.   She pushed my daughter to learn and excel but also made her feel safe and supported.  Mavis also provided her with life long skills, valuable feedback and love. 


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Ariana Livingston - Working Actress


My first lesson with Mavis still sits in my mind. Things she told me then still guide me in my craft today. She is one of the few to truly love the art form of acting, brings a wealth of knowledge, and upholds the sacredness it requires. She never went easy on me, but she was always encouraging. She introduced to me what the craft of acting could really be like when taken seriously, and that allowed me to fall more and more in love with it.”

Karen S. - Parent 

You will not find a more passionate teacher than Mavis Scully.  My daughter took private acting lessons with her for 5 years, and she absolutely loved working with her!  It’s not just the extensive experience she has in her field that makes her so good.  When you watch her instruct you can just see the years of dedication and authenticity she has in her craft come out in her teaching.  She is an amazing teacher and I would recommend her to anyone that is looking for a private acting instructor.

Blue Skies

Pointe Magazine 2024

Charlotte Ballet Trainee, Maile Fitzgerald…who attended Charlotte Ballet’s summer intensive for two consecutive years, says that her musical theater classes with Mavis Scully were transformative. “Throughout the five weeks, I was able to learn how to loosen up,” Fitzgerald says. “Making the extreme switch from ballet to musical theater, with just a 15-minute break in between, is really important for us to learn how to do."

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One-on-one coaching with Mavis has been such a wonderful experience for me. Mavis helped me find my confidence in myself as an actor through her encouragement, which helped reignite my love for theater. The self-directed nature of these coaching sessions allowed me to explore my passion for Shakespeare and find new ways to engage with my love for acting.

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Eleanor Dean - High School Senior, Charlotte NC

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